Who we do it for

Portfolio Websites for Creatives

Showing your wares is as vital for an artist as it is for a shoe salesperson.

For photographers and artists, the design should focus on your work, not on the menu or logo or dancing rabbits.

A portfolio website needs to think about the brand in the same way as a website for a shop or widget, but here, the brand is you.

I have worked with many incredibly talented people over the years - actors, models, photographers, film makers, artists, musicians, writers - and have a real respect and empathy with what they are trying to say.

If I design your website, it is your creativity that will capture and hold the visitor, not my website. That is how it should be.

Websites for SMEs

For small and medium sized businesses, whether that is in the service sector, a small manufacturer or a local shop, websites are mandatory - you must have one.

When people search for you or your type of business, finding you is only part of the equation - when they get to your website they must be convinced that you are what they need.

That means good copy, good images, getting the brand values right and making sure they know exactly how to connect with you.

As with all websites, search engine optimization is vital, but while making sure the copy helps people find you, it is also important to make sure it keeps them on your site and interested in what you have to offer. Above and beyond design and images, for a business, great copy is king.

Your website is Your advert.

Websites for Food and Drink

If you are in the business of selling wonderful food and beverages, then you will be pressing the right buttons for me immediately.

Apart from being a bit of a cook and taken a close interest in food and the food industry for years, I also love photographing food and writing about it.

I even have a long established food blog - The Food lover's Diary.

It is vital that both your pictures and the words make people hungry for what you do and I can do that for you.

Your website should be a logical extension of your business - it should be your menu, your wine and beer list, your events calendar, your news machine.

It should please, entertain and tempt the customer through your door.

Websites for Clubs and Organisations

Most people are so used to connecting on the web for everything that if they join a club or are interested in an organisation, they will automatically expect a website, a Facebook page and a twitter feed somewhere.

So, we can oblige!

From very simple, online brochures to more complex sites with news feeds, calendars, galleries, links to appeals, donations, silly photos - anything is possible.

Just because you are not a business does not mean people don't expect you to look good!

Sports clubs, scout troops, allotment societies, charities, NGOs, village websites ....

A note about community

Unless you are a huge organisation with lots of people desperate to communicate on your site, I strongly advise against building forums or other community structures. There are some exceptions to this, for instance you are putting together something like Mum's Net, but for most clubs and small organisations, the forum will get be used very little or by only a core few and might be a pain to moderate and keep free of spam. You are much better making sure there is a strong bond between your wonderful website and your Facebook page.