What We Do

There are two approaches to designing websites for small businesses:

1. The business or designer can hunt around for a template that looks nice and fill in the holes with company information.

This looks okay and the information is hopefully accurate, but it is pretty much similar to Cinderella and the shoe - the prince had a nice pretty shoe and he went around trying to find a foot that fitted. With any luck, the leg and the rest of the person would be more or less okay too. More than likely, the shoe will pinch a bit on the toes and maybe rub on the heel.

2. We talk to the company, find out about the brand, the brand values, the people and what the company offers.

From there is it a case of the cobbler creating the perfect shoe for the person that needs it; it does not pinch, the style reflects how the person wants to be seen (which is most likely different from how their competitors are seen) and the final website does not look like it is hobbling down the street after a very late night in a dodgy bar.

This is not difficult; it is advertising. And I have been doing advertising for years.