Dancing Bear Music

Created with the newest version of ProcessWire and the Zurb Foundation framework, this deceptively simple music site is a business orientated offering that is a mobile first design incorporating a stylish music player.

It does not have a lot of pages because it does not need them. If you are an artist, photographer or musician, your site should be simple, clear and say exactly what you do. I like that kind of site.

TCF Autocare

This is the perfect demonstration that not all companies are the same. The owner is a very experienced sprayer and body restorer who wants to spend more time working on campervans and classic cars; this site is aimed fairly and squarely at the fun and passionate people who love their campervans and classic motors.

As does the owner, who drives his own campervan. It is a moot point whether the site is expressing his passion or that of his clients!

TCF Autocare

Clay's Vehicle Repairs

Clay's are a straightforward garage who really like to serve their customers well. This new site is loud, fun and friendly and will make the new customer feel as welcome as they will do when they walk into the shop.

The site is heavy with information, listing every single motor vehicle that they deal with, and is very much aimed at doing well with local searches - though this will take more than just the website, of course.

Clays Vehicle Repairs

Harleston Angling Club

It is not just companies that need decent websites. This responsive, clean offering is for an angling club based at a series of gravel pits in East Anglia.

They are managing most aspects of the website from news articles to listing events, editing the slideshow and generally keeping all text up to date. This is where ProcessWire scores; the form for filling in events is completely different from the form for news. Each of them is dedicated to the right use so that the user just has to put the right information in the right holes. Fisherman Proof!

Harleston Wortwell and District Angling Club

Crimson Cats Audio Books

This is a snapshot from their new website.

It is a very simple affair with very basic e-commerce, but aimed at an intelligent customer who wants to get down to listening to beautifully recorded audio produced by one of the most experienced producers around (he and I worked together on 24 episodes of Sherlock Holmes radio dramas many years ago, so I know he is good.)

Crimson Cats Audio Books

Pant Y Neuadd Caravan Park

This site is getting rather old now and is due for an upgrade - both from the design point of view and moving the client onto ProcessWire.

I am very keen on this - Content Management Frameworks like ProcessWire give me much more freedom to meet your needs as well as giving you control over the long term management of the content without tons of compromises and strange twists.

Pant Y Neaudd caravan park


A dance and drama school in the home counties that prides itself on its professional teaching, despite being an evening school for kids.

As a result they get a good handful into top dance colleges each year.


Sweet Simplicity Concept

This is not for a client but is simply a concept I was playing with using ProcessWire and the Bootstrap framework.

It is based on the idea that all information is saved as a series of blocks and you simply decide which blocks you want on each page.

This sort of concept suits creative or art orientated businesses that like their website to be as imaginative as they are.

Simplicity Concept

Pub Concept

Another play around. This time it is a demo for a pub or restaurant.

When I am not doing this or composing music or writing, I am a cook and a pretty good food photographer - well, I kind of love the subject!

So, if you have a food orientated business, especially if it is really great food, then you should be feeding, I mean TALKING to me.

Something Inn Concept