Most companies and organisations probably have at least something they need to photograph and show on their website.

There is a really good chance that it might actually turn out to be a lot of things!

If the website design revolves round photographs of people and things, then we should spend time on taking good, interesting photos. With people that means avoiding the mug shot (unless we are having fun) and trying to capture them in the context of their job or company role.

With objects, it means making them as attractive as possible, getting really close in to the object and making it intriguing as well as looking really good.

Good photography will not just make your website look better, it will make your company look better.

I only do natural light, location photography. But if you want studio based photography, I work with one of the best.


  • Brighton -  © Joss Sanglier
  • Roast -  © Joss Sanglier
  • Girl -  © Joss Sanglier
  • Pork -  © Joss Sanglier
  • Doors -  © Joss Sanglier
  • Candle -  © Joss Sanglier
  • Garlic on steel -  © Joss Sanglier
  • The One Sheep -  © Joss Sanglier
  • Home made sausages -  © Joss Sanglier
  • Tomato on steel -  © Joss Sanglier
  • Home Made Ice Cream -  © Joss Sanglier
  • Dartmoor -  © Joss Sanglier
  • Toffee Apple -  © Joss Sanglier
  • Girls on Fistral Beach -  © Joss Sanglier
  • Surf board -  © Joss Sanglier
  • Fiat -  © Joss Sanglier
  • Clays staff -  © Joss Sanglier
  • Rally Car -  © Joss Sanglier