How many types of hosting are there?

  • Shared
  • Cloud
  • Cloud plus a bit
  • VPS
  • Dedicated
  • Serious Cloud
  • Amazon Cloud
  • Free and useless
  • Free and even more useless
  • Something dreamed up by your ISP
  • Wordpress on their dot come thing
  • Squeezing on the back of my server....

Your hosting requirements will be dictated by your website needs. If you are a large company that expects to get a lot of visitors and will be hosting some pretty serious, complicated content, then you must be on a dedicated or one of the large cloud solutions. If you are a very large company, then you will probably have your main site on a dedicated, all your images on Amazon cloud, your database somewhere else....

If you are a tiny company that needs a fantastic but lightweight website, and is not expecting thousands of visitors, then shared hosting is fine - though you must use on one of the better, more robust services, not the cheapest you can find!

And if you are somewhere in between, then you will be either on a basic cloud solution or a VPS (Virtual private server).

Cost wise, you are looking at anything between a hundred pounds for a year to several thousand.

So, ask what you should have first! When I cost out your website, I will not include hosting - we will work that out separately depending on your needs, not some inappropriate package.