Copywriting and SEO

There is one central theme to everything I have done in the creative and advertising industries for the past 35 years:


The pictures have been important and I would be the first to point out how important the sound and music is, but if the words are not right, everything else fails.

That is as true now with modern media like websites and mobile apps as it was in the days of overhead projectors. Words, both spoken and read, not only convey your brand, your image, your ideas, but they also reveal your professionalism.

If the copy on your website is cumbersome, awkward and full of repetitive phrases and annoying expressions then you will sound amateurish and cheap.

Your message must not only speak the language of your target audience it should be easy on the ear; when people read, the words "sound" in their heads, so you must give the same care to the written word as you would to the spoken word.

Good structure, carefully chosen language, a friendly way with words and easy to say - that is the magic of the best copywriting.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO and Copywriting go typewriter in glove; you need good SEO to get people to the website, but if it does not read nicely when they get there, they won't stay.

We always strive to make your website as search engine friendly as possible as a matter of course. When designing your site, keywords and phrases are part of your brand values and image and these will be used when structuring the copy. This is not something that should be layered on afterwards, but should be an integral part of the entire website concept.

As part of this process, we will also want to take into account any current advertising you are running, offline as well as online - all your advertising should join up and be singing from the same score.