Content Management

There are a plethora of content management systems (CMS) available - some cost money, many are free.

The important thing about a business website is that it is not just a set of articles, so it is important that the CMS is designed to manage content, whatever that content might be.

We use ProcessWire for the majority of our websites. (older sites will be moved over to ProcessWire as they come up for redevelopment.)

The system allows us to create bespoke forms for every type of content without having to change any default behaviour - ProcessWire has no predetermined forms that pigeon hole your business.

It also allows us to use any style of markup to create the design of the site - ProcessWire has no templating system, so does not force us down one particular path. We can use any tool from straight HTML to Adobe Edge Animate (used on this website) without any conversion process or strange hacking.

This is how a business orientated CMS should work - created for the developers who want to build great sites for their clients.