Getting your garage noticed

When creating a local website, it is not enough just to be found through Google. It is also important that your site holds the visitor's attention - if it looks boring or they cannot see what they want, they will go elsewhere.

Clays Vehicle RepairsClays Vehicle Repairs not only serve their clients well, they lead their business on very competitive pricing, offers like free car collection and all the benefits of being a Unipart Car Care centre.

Their website is full of offers in the form of blocks of information with strong graphics that let the visitor know what it on offer with as little fuss as possible.

The website is, of course, built on a Processwire backend that gives the client control of not just words, but which blocks appear on which pages, how information is ordered and so on.

Building with Processwire gave us a huge advantage over other well known systems like ProcessWire. Without having to use third party plugins or having to override existing functionality, we could build exactly the sort of control the client required from the ground up.

And because the system has no built in themes or templates, we could simply create exactly the feel the client needed using powerful frameworks (Zurb Foundation in this case) and Javascript without having to rebuild it all just to suit the system.

If you are looking for a business website and your developer wants you to use WordPress, call us and we can tell you why businesses should be using a business CMS for their websites.