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We are not just about websites, but everything we do takes an idea and communicates it to a visitor, a viewer, a listener or a player.

Dancing Bear Music

Dancing Bear Music produces bespoke compositions for businesses and production companies.

From advertising jingles, soundtracks and sonic logs to music for documentaries, TV, games and the Internet, Dancing Bear Music brings the highest quality production to build and enhance the brand or message.

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Dancing Bear Music

Copy writing

Copy is far more than neat words; if it does not capture the imagination of the reader, they will barely make it passed the first sentence.

I have been writing everything from radio commercials, posters, Website, blogs and articles, to short stories, magazine articles, corporate scripts and technical documentation for years. I write with humour, I write clearly, I write intelligently and I always keep the reader in mind.

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Good photography can never be replaced by bad photography. It is not about the equipment or the processing, it is about taking the right photograph for the right purpose.

Even photographs taken on fifty year old Box Brownies can ram a message home and enhance a brand. But photographs that are ill considered, lack in strength and focus, can undermine a brand and make a company look amateurish.

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