The Bloke Wot Does Websites is a one man band with connections!

35 years in the media, production, entertainment and advertising worlds has given me the perfect background for looking at your product, your brand and your company and putting that onto the internet.

But, though I develop and design, I also work with others who bring a huge breadth of knowledge in development and design to compliment my knowledge of communications and advertising.

What a team! And it starts with just one bloke.

Joss Sanglier

I started out as a runner in the mid seventies working at Trident Studios in London serving tea for luminaries like Phil Collins, Alphonso Johnson and that French bloke that wrote Supernature. 

From there I wandered into advertising production, composition, writing, producing and generally trying to make sense of people's communication needs and put that into a form that a customer would find attractive. 

I still do that.

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Other Services

We are not just about websites, but everything is related:

Dancing Bear Music

Music for companies - jingles, corporate logos, documentaries, film, games, websites...


The noise defines the company - we make sure you make the right sort of noise.


If your photos look like they were taken on a phone at the Christmas Party, that image will become your legacy.

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